Auckland City Council Qualify Sansom Constructions Health & Safety

13 Dec 2013

"This is to confirm that Sansoms Construction Services Ltd are currently a health & safety qualified contractor for Auckland Council physical works contracts E.g. confined spaces, heights, demolition, construction and related activities. A review is due January 2015.

Sansoms Construction Services Ltd Auckland Council Contractor Health & Safety Qualification number is: 918162/01-2015.

Please note, as with all qualified contractors, a Site/Contract Specific Safety Plan is required for all tenders/contracts and must be approved by the Project/Contract Manager before commencing any works.

Auckland Council requires contractors to ensure that their qualification is current and to notify council of any changes that could affect their Auckland Council Health & Safety Qualification status as soon as possible.

It is the contractor's responsibility to inform council in sufficient time of the need to review and renew their annual qualification.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Woolf
Project Manager, regional facilities Auckland Corporate Services"