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Monday, 04 Apr 2016
 Impac Prequal - contractor pre-qualification Category 3 achieved from 09 March 2016 to 09 Mar 2018 See More>>   more
Saturday, 02 Apr 2016
 We have been engaged as Contractors of ADHB for some years now. more
Friday, 13 Dec 2013
"This is to confirm that Sansoms Construction Services Ltd are currently a health & safety qualified contractor for Auckland Council physical works contracts E.g. confined spaces, heights, demolition, construction and related activities. A review is due January 2015. Sansoms Construction Services Ltd Auckland Council Contractor Health & Safety Qualification number is: 918162/01-2015. Please note, as with all qualified contractors, a Site/Contract Specific Safety Plan is... more
Thursday, 12 Dec 2013
Are they going to last the distance? Benchmark has been sitting on the fence with respect to TPO Membranes (Thermoplastic Polyolefin Membranes) for at least the past 10 Years. We have been advising clients of our concerns about TPO's for longer than we ever expected to, and that in intself, says something about TPOs... Click here to read the full article. more
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Sansom has a proven track record and reputation in offering a wide range of construction services as a main contractor or key subcontractor.

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Sansom are certified applicators of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite Strengthening Systems.

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Remove existing deteriorated leaking sealant joints and replace for maintenance with the installation of new Sikaflex... more
At the Allnex Conference 2017 in Australia, Sansom takes out two Allnex Awards. "Top Waterproofing Contractor... more