Drawing on decades of experience, we deploy robust façade systems.

Specialist façade solutions for resilience and longevity

Our expert team works closely with stakeholders to implement waterproofing solutions for complex façade component interfaces.

Our team specialises in the installation of precast panels, and drained joint baffle/air seal/soaker systems for significant multi-storey buildings. With a wide range of products sourced from trusted suppliers, we also provide solutions for repairing existing seismic joint situations.

Façade solutions at Sansom

At Sansom, our innovative approach to façade solutions acknowledges the crucial role of a structure’s exterior beyond just aesthetics. Drawing on decades of experience, we deploy robust façade systems that provide structures with their primary shield against the elements.

From the early stages of your project, our proactive involvement enables identifying and mitigating potential risks before they escalate into costly repairs or time-consuming delays.

Our solutions adeptly manage water runoff, reduce the risk of leaks, and safeguard against damp-related health hazards, ensuring a structure remains waterproof, windproof, and seismically resilient.

Embracing the complexity of modern building designs, we craft comprehensive and customised waterproofing strategies. These not only ensure structural integrity but also cater to the unique characteristics of each project.

why sansom


With the increase in seismic awareness and design, many façades now have specific seismic movement points allocated, which are also required to be waterproof. Sansom has been completing these joints since our conception.


We advocate for temporary waterproofing measures throughout construction, ensuring the interior works can proceed even while the upper elements remain exposed. Sansom’s façade solutions are designed to protect structures when it’s most vulnerable, providing robust solutions and expertise from start to finish of the construction process.


Leveraging CONQA, an online quality assurance system, we’re able to efficiently organise documentation, including site inspections from our façade engineers. This seamless organisation ensures that all stakeholders can readily access and verify the necessary construction details.


Our solutions deliver enhanced energy efficiency and longevity of structures, directly translating into lower operational costs and extended asset lifespan. Our services adeptly balance moisture control, preventing mould and mildew while safeguarding building materials.

What Our Clients Say…

Roofing Client

‘Your diligence, attention to detail, very helpful communication, and very pleasant manner make you an amazing person to deal with. A true gentleman too.’

Chris Hunter

Managing Director - NZ Strong

We write this letter in gratitude for the combined efforts Sansom Ltd provided in the completion of the Hobsonville Data Centre.

Concrete Remediation Client

“Many thanks to the Sansom team members responsible for the efficiency and professionalism shown in undertaking the concrete remedial works, with the high quality of workmanship also being greatly appreciated by the Church.”

Alain Venuto

Site Manager, Naylor Love

Sansom is a company that has truly exceeded my expectations with their outstanding performance and exceptional workmanship.


Phillip Helleur - AJ Spicer

Hawkins are pleased to be able to provide this testimonial for Sansom for their excellent work at the Totara Haumaru Northshore Hospital project for Health NZ Waitemata.

Seismic & Expansion Joint System Products

Affiliates and Alliances

  • Sika Sealant Baffle, Expansions Tapes, Emseal,
  •  and Moisture Barrier Coatings
  • Tremco Sealant, Expansions Tapes
  • Dowsil Sealant
  • Granor Baffle
  • BAS Seismic
  • C.S Group Seismic Joint Systems
  • Belco Seismic Joint Systems