Concrete Repairs

Sansom is an industry leader in concrete repairs

Industry-leading specialists in concrete repairs

Sansom offers comprehensive screeding services, serving as an approved installer for leading brands such as Sika, Marpei, and Ardex. As a trusted multiple-disciplinary organisation, we streamline construction projects by handling the entire process—from making the sub-strait compliant with fall requirements to installing the membrane and ensuring compliance with overall building specifications.

We specialise in injection repairs, providing efficient and effective solutions for various concrete issues. With our advanced injection techniques and expertise, we can precisely target and repair cracks, strengthening the structure and ensuring its long-term durability.
At Sansom, we possess extensive expertise in concrete crack repairs gained through years of experience and a deep understanding of concrete structures. Our highly skilled team can identify and assess concrete issues with precision, no matter how small. Whether it’s cracks running straight or sideways, we have the expertise and tools to address concrete issues effectively, providing reliable and durable crack repair solutions.

Concrete Repairs at Sansom

With over 48 years of remedial experience, Sansom is an industry leader in concrete repairs. We address a broad range of concrete issues, including:
  • Spalling columns and beams
  • Fire damaged buildings
  • Boney concrete
  • Cracked concrete
  • Complex protection coatings
  • Floor joint repairs
  • Epoxy urethane injection
  • Screeding
  • Heritage building repair
Our methodology centres on detailed investigation and the use of advanced repair techniques. We initiate our process with a thorough assessment of the damage extent, which allows us to map out a precise picture of the structure’s condition. Using Composite (FRP) strengthening, epoxy, polyurethane and gel injection, and cementitious grouting to effectively address and correct the identified issues. Our Concrete Repairs division, comprising a skilled team experienced in screeding, concrete repairs, CFRP, complex coatings, and high-pressure resin injections, delivers precision and high-quality results.

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With over four decades of remedial experience, Sansom stands as a trusted industry leader in concrete repairs. Our deep understanding of concrete enables us to identify and address issues that others might miss, ensuring efficient and effective repairs tailored to your specific needs.


Sansom is a lifetime member of New Zealand’s Concrete Society. With our active involvement in the organisation’s industry-wide initiatives, we are dedicated to elevating industry standards, improving perceptions, and promoting exceptional quality.


Our process begins with a thorough investigation of the structure. By examining the entire structure and creating a comprehensive profile of its health, we ensure that no underlying issues go unnoticed, resulting in precise repairs that address the root causes of concrete deterioration.

What Our Clients Say…

Roofing Client

‘Your diligence, attention to detail, very helpful communication, and very pleasant manner make you an amazing person to deal with. A true gentleman too.’

Chris Hunter

Managing Director - NZ Strong

We write this letter in gratitude for the combined efforts Sansom Ltd provided in the completion of the Hobsonville Data Centre.

Concrete Remediation Client

“Many thanks to the Sansom team members responsible for the efficiency and professionalism shown in undertaking the concrete remedial works, with the high quality of workmanship also being greatly appreciated by the Church.”

Alain Venuto

Site Manager, Naylor Love

Sansom is a company that has truly exceeded my expectations with their outstanding performance and exceptional workmanship.


Phillip Helleur - AJ Spicer

Hawkins are pleased to be able to provide this testimonial for Sansom for their excellent work at the Totara Haumaru Northshore Hospital project for Health NZ Waitemata.

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