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The Sofrana Building, located in Auckland’s Britomart, features a multi-use basement for storag and office spaces for a new supermarket. Due to its multifunctional use, it was paramount for the space need to maintain both dry and habitable conditions throughout.

During the final stages of the Sofrana Building project, the structure was ready to be put back together until our client encountered unexpected dampness issues emerging from the basement floor slab. This newly discovered dampness had been caused by higher than normal water table and the exterior of the building being excavated for structural works

Although no physical water was present, it was essential to address the water vapour concerns. In this case, a Type C damp proof membrane was chosen as the appropriate solution.

Our Role

Having worked with the client many times before, Sansom was brought into the project to address the issue and provide a damp-proofing solution.

To address the structure’s issues with damp and our client’s additional needs, we elected to go with the Newton 500 system. This waterproofing solution is both a cavity drain membrane and a vapour barrier.

Work delivery and challenges

On top of supplying the client with the right solution, we needed a solution that would align with the their tight deadline. The Newton solution was selected because the slab was so soft that no system which required bonding to the slab could be considered.

Unlike conventional systems, the Newton 500 provides instant protection, requires minimal preparation, and doesn’t require a drying period. This allowed for the installation of internal finishes to happen straight after our application, and our client was able to keep to their programme.

During the application process, we encountered an area where we couldn’t increase the head height. Our solution was to slightly change our specs, excavate part of the floor slab, and prepare the substrate before putting the membrane down. We installed drainage within thickness of the floorslab to remove any risk of water vapour rising and and affecting the office space.

Newton 500 system

The Newton 500 system proved to be a highly adaptable and versatile solution, seamlessly integrating into the environment of the Sofrana Building. The only maintainable basement waterproofing system available internationally, it offers exceptional flexibility and reliability.

In New Zealand, where seismic activity is prevalent, the Newton 500 system’s flexibility becomes vital. Unlike traditional internally applied systems that exert pressure on the structure, this system allows for natural processes to occur. It effectively manages water pressure by accommodating water ingress without impeding its flow, enabling quick and efficient drainage.

This ensures effective waterproofing and serves as a reliable vapour barrier, contributing to the overall protection and longevity of the structure.


Our solution proved successful, the client was able to maintain their programmes, and delivered a dry space to their tenant.

At Sansom, we are solutions-driven and always deliver what is best for every project’s structural integrity and long-term durability.

With decades of expertise, the dedicated team at Sansom stands at the forefront of the industry and are home to experts of the Newton 500.

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