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Carlaw Park Student Village, is Auckland University’s most expansive self-catered accommodation. Across the site’s two main residences, it can accommodate 1,604 students.

Sansom was approached by the main contractor, Haydn & Rollett, to review the façade and seismic joint on the Carlaw Park during Stage 8 of the development process.


The project

Before tendering, we collaborated with our client to refine the design, address any request for information (RFI) on both existing and new details, and define the project scope.

Understanding the breadth and depth of the project, our service delivery was tailored to encompass all the various build requirements.

Prior to the construction phase, our team identified some potential areas of risk in the design. However, we knew we needed evidence.

To prove our theory, we conducted tests using various sealants. After a series of trials, we identified a sealant that bonded exceptionally well. We then created a mock-up using this sealant and provided that to the project.

While the façade engineer had already included an additional element to prevent water ingress, our testing meant we were able to prevent water from getting even one step further.

Moreover, this also prevented water from filling in other areas of the structure. While the original design was effective, our testing led to a more comprehensive solution, ensuring the structure’s longevity and resilience against potential water-related issues.

Throughout the project, our team maintained a live QA system using conQA. This not only kept all stakeholders, including the client, council, and engineers, informed about the progress but also facilitated remote review of the ongoing work.



We successfully delivered various components, including sealant joints, soaker flashings, Rubber P-Seal, air seals, seismic foam, seismic cover plates, fire-rated sealants, waterproof coatings, fire-rated construction joints, temporary waterproofing, and concrete reinstatement.

Our unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail did not go unnoticed. The main contractor, façade engineer, and architect consistently commended our efforts.

It was our proactive stance, open lines of communication, and adaptability that solidified our reputation as one of the standout performers on the project.