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The Waitematā DHB began undertaking significant infrastructure upgrades at the North Shore Hospital site to cater for the anticipated population surge in the North Shore of Auckland.

These upgrades include a new four-level hospital structure, named Tōtara Haumaru, that will offer as many as eight additional operating theatres, roughly 150 beds.

During the early contractor involvement (ECI) phase of this development, Sansom was engaged by the main contractor, Hawkins, to address waterproofing and seismic details for the façade.

The project

Sansom’s central role involved waterproofing. This covered the Volclay tanking across a 5000m ² building footprint, waterproofing the under-slab, pilecaps, ground beams, lift pits, service pits, perimeter setdowns, and concrete joint surfaces. Furthermore, Sansom’s package included the precast panel façade waterproofing and the jointing of over 450 large concrete façade panels.

We also delivered essential elements, including façade baffle, air sealants, expansion foams, soaker flashings, fire-rated sealants, Emseal, seismic foam, cover flashing, protective coatings, concrete reinstatement, and temporary waterproofing.

As this was a government funded project, there was an increased emphasis on transparency in our service delivery. Early on, we recognised a knowledge gap among some upper-level stakeholders concerning waterproofing specifics. To bridge this gap and provide more transparency, we led an extensive façade system education initiative with the stakeholders, ensuring they had a clear understanding of what we were doing and why. Through detailed presentations—initially intended to be in-person but moved online due to COVID-19—we illuminated the system’s merits, challenges, and methodologies.

Sansom’s dedication to collaboration was also noteworthy. The synergy with the Hawkins team, ensured that the project benefited from expert advice, resulting in enhanced detailing and build methodologies. Sansom’s clear communication, strategic planning, and use of real-time QA systems, like ConQA, allowed stakeholders a comprehensive view of the ongoing progress.


The Tōtara Haumaru Development has been proceeding in phases, with the new building set to be finalised in late 2023.

Beyond the tangible progress, our efforts have been acknowledged widely. Throughout the project, Sansom has received a number of positive reports.

Hawkin’s Project Manager said, “Sansom demonstrated versatility and a helpful can-do attitude when the project was presented with challenges. Finally, and importantly, the Sansom team planned well for safety and maintained a good health and safety culture

during their daily site activities. Hawkins wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the excellent services of Sansom’s to new clients looking to engage a proven industry leader in their field.”

Our safety efforts also resulted in receiving a Health and Safety awards that recognise the dedication and excellence of our team members and the company.

The trust and recognition from peers and stakeholders underline our commitment and our more than 20-years of façade waterproofing expertise.