Chris Hunter

15th May 2023

Dear Elton & James,

Elton Sturmfels and James Bennington
Sansom Ltd
PO Box 9446
New Market

15th May 2023

Dear Elton and James,

We write this letter in gratitude for the combined efforts Sansom Ltd provided in the completion of the Hobsonville Data Centre.

The NZ Strong construction team have identified Sansom as a key member of the success of the project, delivering above and beyond through tough conditions to provide a world-class facility for the client.

Constructing and successfully commissioning New Zealand’s first Hyperscale Data Centres is an accolade we take great pride in and was one with many challenges; challenges which the Sansom team rose to the occasion and delivered through.

We especially want to recognize the efforts of Scott Johnston and Lloyd Zita, who were key Sansom contributors to the success of the project.
It would not have been possible without them.

We thank you again for your outstanding contribution and look forward to a continued partnership on projects moving forward.

Kind regards,