Composite Strengthening

Composite Strengthening

Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is a versatile method for seismic  strengthening and  upgrading structures for increased loadings.

Sansom are certified applicators of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite Strengthening Systems.

A wide range of solutions using glass fibre cloth, carbon fibre cloth, and pultruded strip plus anchor systems are available along with efficient and free design assistance via  manufacturers.

When structures incur damage or develop corrosion, municipalities and industries need dependable products to repair structures in a fast and cost-effective manner. 

Repair composites with advanced infrastructure reinforcement technology, provide clients with long-term solutions at a fraction of replacement costs.

Our infrastructure repair solutions consist of durable, lightweight carbon or glass fabrics that are applied to surfaces. 

These components offer superior, long-lasting protection, even in extreme temperatures and weather. They can be applied quickly and easily to limit downtime and loss of productivity. 

Composite reinforcement solutions effectively strengthen bridges, overpass columns,  cell phone towers or other communications infrastructure, and support beams for building or other structures. 

Areas of application include:
  • Repair of structure following structural damage.
  • Retrofitting of existing buildings/structures for strength and seismic resistance.
  • Composites provide durable, lightweight glass or carbon products for strengthening reinforced concrete, masonry or even timber elements.         

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