Friday, 25 May 2018
Remove existing deteriorated leaking sealant joints and replace for maintenance with the installation of new Sikaflex AT- Facade sealant over PEF rod between aluminium cladding to the Halo on the Vero building. Cladding joints of this nature require maintenance due to movement and New Zealand’s harsh UV rays. more
Friday, 15 Sep 2017
At the Allnex Conference 2017 in Australia, Sansom takes out two Allnex Awards. "Top Waterproofing Contractor of 2017" and "Waterproofing Project of the year 2017" for our Commercial Bay project in Downtown Auckland.    more
Saturday, 03 Dec 2016
Sansoms welcome the arrival of their new Mini Macaden We have recently purchased New Zealands first and only Mini Macaden fully automated torch on machine which is used to apply torch on membranes at speed with a flawless result. With the arrival of the Mini Macaden we are now able to offer main contractors and customers quicker application times which will improve their programs. Customers also now have the peace of mind that with this new system their material has been laid to a... more
Friday, 02 Dec 2016
Sansom Certificates ACC Accreditation IMPAC Qualification ADHB Contractors Site Wise Green Certificate more
Thursday, 01 Dec 2016
ACC Accreditation – Sansom has met Tertiary Level requirements for ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices for the 01 January 2017 to 31 December 2018. See more>> more
Monday, 01 Aug 2016
Site Wise Green Certificate - Sansom has achieved SiteWise Green status 76% assessed 01 August 2016. See More>> more
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