DATE OF PROJECT 2022 - 2023

CLIENT Kāinga Ora

LOCATION Greys Ave, Auckland

work completed


After assisting with design and successfully securing the tender, Sansom took on a large Kāinga Ora project in Auckland’s CBD. The project, located at 139 Greys Avenue, involved the construction of a 3-tower apartment complex, aimed at creating much-needed affordable housing, in the central city area.

The new development consists of 276 apartments, 200 of which are designated for public housing. The existing 87-unit building on the site, constructed in the 1950s, was demolished to make way for the much larger, state-of-the-art housing development.

Our role

Sansom’s role in the development was to take on responsibility for multiple aspects of the construction and deliver a ‘total package’ to the main contractor, ICON. This included the installation of warm roofs on all three towers, as well as applying waterproofing membranes on the balconies, podiums, and street-level canopies. Also included was underground tanking, roofing, and façade waterproofing.

Despite having three towers going up simultaneously and working on multiple services, we were able to provide a centralised line of reporting for quality assurance, financial matters, and project scheduling. This integration ensured seamless coordination and communication throughout the process, contributing to the successful execution of the project.


The complexity of this project demanded a substantial workforce, who were spread across basically three different sites. The volume of staff involved required efficient coordination and management to maintain smooth operations and movement between the three locations.

Furthermore, the process of installing waterproofing membranes in such a large project came with its share of risks. Ensuring the membranes remained undamaged throughout the process required an elevated degree of care and attention.

Coordinating logistics added another layer of complexity. The central city site demanded careful management of material deliveries, traffic flow, parking, and the in-and-out movement of staff and vehicles.

Lessons learned

One key takeaway from this project was around how we remedied an inconsistent roof substrate. At times during the project, we encountered inconsistencies in the levels of the concrete that had been poured on the roof. These discrepancies caused problems later on, as flat installation boards began to release from their bond to the substrate.

Sansom’s concrete repair division conducted a comprehensive survey and levelled out the concrete. This proactive approach successfully resolved the problem, and we were able to proceed with our installation work successfully.

Sansom’s Value

Overall, the Greys Ave project was a dynamic undertaking, with numerous moving parts and complexities. Our detailed planning, clear communication, and teamwork navigated the project’s complexities for a successful outcome.

On top of our delivery, this was also a project that our team was proud to be able to be a part of. Knowing that our efforts contributed to creating improved homes and living spaces for individuals and families was a source of motivation and fostered a sense of fulfilment.